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Pronouncing Authors' Names aka How do you say Scieszka?

We've all had the problem of coming across an unfamiliar name in writing and not knowing how to pronounce it. When you're reading in front of a class, you want to respect the author and/or illustrator and get their name right, and I've found a great resource to help! has an Author Name Pronunciation Guide that features short audio clips of authors and illustrators saying their own names. From Raina Telgemeier to Jon Scieszka (rhymes with Fresca) and hundreds more, you'll learn the correct pronunciations plus interesting information about the names.

Hope it helps!

15 Funny Picture Books

Introduction and Rationale Who doesn’t love a good laugh? I have selected fifteen humorous picture books aimed at the primary grades for this bibliography. As a teacher on call, I primarily find myself in elementary schools and recent changes to my job situation have seen me teaching in more libraries and primary classrooms. Often, I am asked to facilitate story time and the enjoyable job of book selection is left to me. Knowing I would find it useful to have a bag of tricks in the form of hilarious picture books upon which to draw, I researched this list. It contains a few favourites that I have known and loved for years and mostly consists of new-to-me books I have discovered through resources such as Carrie Gelson’s “There’s A Book For That” blog, Betsy Bird’s “Make 'Em Laugh: Funny Picture Books” list, and the Austin Public Library’s “You Crack Me Up Silly Stories Summer Reading 2016” list.
I believe read alouds are important for all ages as they allow the listeners to process l…

Hello world!

Hello! My name is Holly and I am a teacher on call who started the Diploma in Teacher Librarianship at the University of British Columbia in January 2016. I am lucky enough to teach in school libraries in Vancouver elementary schools fairly often and the library is definitely my happy place (the gym, not so much!). I plan to use this blog as a record of my studies at UBC and I look forward to connecting with others who are also interested in children's literature and librarianship.