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15 Funny Picture Books

Introduction and Rationale Who doesn’t love a good laugh? I have selected fifteen humorous picture books aimed at the primary grades for this bibliography. As a teacher on call, I primarily find myself in elementary schools and recent changes to my job situation have seen me teaching in more libraries and primary classrooms. Often, I am asked to facilitate story time and the enjoyable job of book selection is left to me. Knowing I would find it useful to have a bag of tricks in the form of hilarious picture books upon which to draw, I researched this list. It contains a few favourites that I have known and loved for years and mostly consists of new-to-me books I have discovered through resources such as Carrie Gelson’s “There’s A Book For That” blog, Betsy Bird’s “Make 'Em Laugh: Funny Picture Books” list, and the Austin Public Library’s “You Crack Me Up Silly Stories Summer Reading 2016” list.
I believe read alouds are important for all ages as they allow the listeners to process l…

Hello world!

Hello! My name is Holly and I am a teacher on call who started the Diploma in Teacher Librarianship at the University of British Columbia in January 2016. I am lucky enough to teach in school libraries in Vancouver elementary schools fairly often and the library is definitely my happy place (the gym, not so much!). I plan to use this blog as a record of my studies at UBC and I look forward to connecting with others who are also interested in children's literature and librarianship.