The Role of the Teacher Librarian

Module 1 reflection post for LIBE 461 Administration of the School Library Resource Centre

As a wannabe teacher-librarian, I'll have to use my best guess to prioritize the various areas of the job. I don't have a current SLLC, but I hope to have one within five years. In my hypothetical library, clientele comes first to me, as the goal of the library is to support student learning. In order to do so, I need updated, relevant resources (both physical and digital) as well as efficient and welcoming facilities. Image fits into this high-priority area as well, because if your library isn't known as a welcoming and interesting place to be, you won't succeed in engaging students.

Lower down on the list would be budget as I would guess it will be extremely low, so I can't get my hopes up for too many purchases for the library. It's hard to select any other aspects as less important, but as a new TL, I'm thinking it would take me some time to build up my leadership and Pro-D skills as I'd need to get to know the staff and feel confident in my role first. I think these areas could be challenging but also exciting once I've built up my skills and have new ideas to share.

Policy is one of those tricky items that is important in theory, but doesn't make the cut in terms of day to day tasks. I would probably put policy lower on the priority list and reflect on it after settling into the job for awhile.

The wide variety of roles that a TL takes on is intimidating because I can see how there would always be more work to do, but it's also thrilling, because it's exactly the type of work I'd love to be doing!


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